Photography by Josh Kotoff

Infinite Floyd - A Pink Floyd Experience in 2018 means more comprehensive shows! We've brought back our eye popping bricks and projection show and now have included stage puppetry by local balloon artist  Ballusionist - brian potvin of southern ca. bringing a new life to our signature selections from "The Wall".

Photography by Great Hua Photography

The rubber finally meets the road when Hammers Inc. joined forces with LaJolla Booking in early 2015 to produce "infinite floyd", a Pink Floyd Experience that dishes out mesmerizing, lasers, lighting effects and projections combined with a plethora of Pink Floyd's finest work designed to give you an unforgettable show piece.

Photography by fkimagery

Photography by Robert Gallardo

Hammers inc. now travels across the calfornia deserts to create the awesome sights and sounds of pink floyd for fans outside of the I.E. at the tortoise rock casino in 29 palms CA. the first hammers inc. performance in 2013 saw more than 400 fans with both seating and standing areas filled elbow to elbow with singing floydians!  easily becoming one of the bands most memorable  crowds and growing each year.

Fans of our current Infinite Floyd - A Pink Floyd Experience show are treated the voices of pink floyd speaking about their era, combined with new visuals and even a brick wall, hammers inc. has now hit it's stride here at the state of the art Covina center for the Performing Arts in front of a sold out crowd! the beauty of this historical landmark meshed perfectly with soundscapes crafted by one of the best bands in rock history.

Photography by fkimagery

Photography by Mike And Pattie Olson

The Mission Tobacco Lounge in Riverside CA. provided an excellent stage setting for Hammers Inc. To fine tune their larger stage presence, as well as have appropriate headroom for the Laser, Fog and Lights that help tie the experience together. Strangers passing in the street would often stop to enjoy the  spectacle.

In it's early days, hammers inc. was doing its best to bring the floyd out to the people which included a local favorite in corona ca. called The SPortsman Bar. Here the hammers would spend hours performing and give the locals A spectacle To enjoy that You couldn't find anywhere else!